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The Banbury Cake is a pastry cake steeped in history. These traditional feast day cakes have their roots in Medieval times. The original Banbury Cake recipe was thought to have been brought back to England during the Crusades.

Barrow used by E W Brown to sell his Original banbury CakesToday, Brown's Original Banbury Cakes are made by baker Philip Brown, whose family has been making these traditional feast day cakes for centuries. The recipe for the famous Brown's Original Banbury Cakes is a closely guarded secret and dates back to the 13th Century. If you'd like to know more about these delicious pastries through the ages, read about the Banbury Cake history on the blog page.

Corporate Gifts and Wedding Favours

Banbury Cakes make ideal corporate gifts. They are perfect for the company looking for a traditional and unusual gift for special events or occasions.

Planning a wedding and looking for unique cakes or favours? Because they are hand-made, you can order mini-Banbury Cakes to celebrate your marriage in traditional style. Contact Banbury Cakes 01608 646647 for more information or to place an order.

The Who's Who of Banbury Cakes

As a traditional cake, many prominent visitors to the town have been presented with Banbury Cakes. These include George Washington, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, and Earl Spencer (grandfather of Diana, Princess of Wales).

Banbury Cakes have also been sent to Cricket commentators and reviewed on radio, television and in the national press.

Browns Original Banbury Cakes on a plate

What are Banbury Cakes?

Banbury Cakes are oval-shaped puff pastry confections with a succulent, delicious filling made of the finest ingredients: Vostizza currants and other fruit, spices and natural flavourings. The puff pastry shell is covered with sprinkling of cane sugar before baking. All Brown's Original Banbury Cakes are hand-made to order in the Banbury area.

Banbury Cakes make wonderful gifts and with a four-week shelf life, can be sent by mail order anywhere in the world. In fact the cakes have been Making Banbury Cakes in Brown's bakery, Banburydelivered overseas since the 18th Century, going as far afield as the US, India, Australia and the Middle East. Today, large numbers of discerning buyers in the USA order Banbury Cakes online each year!

As a feast day cake, Banbury Cakes have traditionally been eaten at times of celebration and are one of Britain's finest delicacies. With Brown's Original Banbury Cake recipe, they taste as good today as they have done for centuries.

Banbury Cakes shouldn't be confused with other regional cakes such as Eccles Cakes or Chorley Cakes. An Eccles Cake was traditionally made from short crust pastry and originated much later than Banbury Cakes in the 1700s. Today, Eccles Cakes are often mass-produced and bear little resemblance to the hand-made Banbury Cakes. Chorley Cakes are made from unsweetened short crust pasty and contain only currants. A Chorley Cake is often eaten with butter and sometimes cheese.


Ordering Online

Why not try some Banbury Cakes, the perfect treat for the family? You can buy them online here. You can send them as a gift, delivered direct to your friend or loved one anywhere in the world. For more information email Banbury Cakes Online here.

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